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Vibrant World 5

  • Category : SOCIAL SCIENCE

Simple and Lucid Text with Attractive Illustrations

The series features simple and lucid text accompanied by attractive illustrations and a modern layout to stimulate imagination and interest among learners.

Gear Up

Gear Up in the beginning of each lesson motivates learners to study the lesson with greater interest.

Checkpoint Section

Checkpoint section allows for quick responses to the concepts just learnt.

Did You Know

Did You Know section provides interesting information beyond the text, enhancing the learners' knowledge.

New Terms to Know (Books 3–5)

New Terms to Know section in Books 3–5 provides a clear understanding of unfamiliar terms encountered in the lessons.

Things to Remember

Things to Remember summarises the main points of the lesson, aiding in retention and reinforcement of key concepts.

Exercises Division (Books 3–5)

Exercises in Books 3–5 are divided into three parts:

  1. Oral Assignment: This part includes oral questions such as true/false, one-word answers, etc.
  2. Written Assignment: This part includes MCQs, fill in the blanks, short answer questions, long answer questions, etc.
  3. Think Tank: This section includes HOTS Questions, puzzles/quizzes, activities, map practice, projects, and Life Skills.


Weblinks refer to sites on which children can find more information beyond the text, encouraging exploration and self-learning.

Periodic Test Papers and Model Test Paper

Periodic Test Papers and Model Test Papers comprehensively evaluate the child's level of understanding, providing valuable feedback for improvement.

Teacher's Resource Manuals

Teacher's Resource Manuals contain comprehensive lesson plans for each chapter of the book. Worksheets help to practise the concepts taught in the books, proving to be of immense help to teachers.