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Srijan ICSE Geography 7 (Rev Edn.)

  • Category : SOCIAL SCIENCE

Geography Study Materials

Simple and Lucid Presentation

The textual matter has been presented in simple and lucid language.

Development of Scientific Temper

Conscious efforts have been made to develop a scientific temper towards the study of geography and lifestyle of mankind living in different regions of the world.

Precise Contents

The contents are precise and to-the-point to make it easier for the students to understand and grasp the subject quickly.

Comprehensive Approach

Each topic has been dealt with relevant and colourful diagrams, maps, and tables, along with comprehensive exercises and quick reviews after each chapter.

Map Practice Book

A 32-page Map Practice Book of Outline Maps has been provided complimentary with each book of the series. This will enable the students to master their Map Skills along with their understanding of the various topics.