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Science Booster 6

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  • Category : SCIENCE

Simple and Easy-to-Understand Language

Textual matter is written in very simple and easy-to-understand language.

Gear Up

Each lesson starts with pre-concept recapitulation under the head Gear Up.


Activities within the textual matter reinforce the learning process.

New Words

New Words section provides clear understanding of unfamiliar terms.

Knowledge Desk

Knowledge Desk section provides some additional information related to the topic.

Check Point

Check Point section is meant for quick response to the concepts just learnt.

Wrap Up Now

Wrap up Now is the summarized form of the main concepts learnt in the lesson.


Exercises at the end of each lesson contain different types of questions such as true/false, MCQs, fill in the blanks, match the columns, answer these questions, HOTS questions, word search, crossword puzzles, etc.

Creative Corner

Creative Corner consists of simple activities and projects.

Digital Content for Teachers

Each book is supported by Exhaustive Digital Content for teachers containing:

  • (i) Lesson Plans
  • (ii) Book Solution (Answers)
  • (iii) Projects
  • (iv) Unit Test Papers
  • (v) Term-end Papers
  • (vi) Test Generator

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