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Stellar English 2

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Salient features of the books are:

  • Experiential learning: Encourages learners to discover and learn new things through exciting, engaging activities.
  • Cross-curricular approach: Links English with other subjects.
  • Social-emotional learning: Helps nurture the social and emotional aspects of learners.
  • Extensive exercises: Include Reference to Context and Think and Answer questions to enhance language proficiency.
  • Hands-on grammar: Provides ample examples and practice exercises.
  • Vocabulary exercises: Help learners build their vocabulary skills.
  • Speaking and listening activities: Enhance communication skills.
  • Writing exercises: Enable learners to write effectively and use language creatively.
  • Values and life skills: Inculcate a positive attitude and life-related skills in learners.
  • Project work: Includes simple hands-on and exploratory activities for meaningful learning.
  • Art Integrated Learning activities: Provide experiential learning and enhance creativity and imagination of children.
  • 360-degree holistic progress cards: Encourage regular, formative, and competency-based assessments.
  • Unseen passages: In Books 3-8, sharpen the reading and writing skills of learners.
  • 2 Model Test Papers: In Books 6, 7 & 8 for assessment.
  • Comprehensive Teacher's Manuals: Include lesson plans, worksheets, and answers.