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Pristine English (ICSE) 4

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Salient features of the book are:

  • Warm Up: A pre-reading task that introduces the theme of the lesson.
  • Read and Enjoy: A healthy mix of prose and poems to expose learners to classic and contemporary examples of literature.
  • Comic-strip Stories: They make the process of learning enjoyable.
  • Extensive Exercises: Extensive exercises that include Reference to Context and Think and Answer questions. Spelling exercises improve dictation skills.
  • Grammar is Fun: Graded grammar with ample examples and practice exercises.
  • Vocabulary: It includes interesting exercises that help the learners build vocabulary skills.
  • Activities for Speaking and Listening Skills: They enhance communication skills.
  • Writing exercises: They enable learners to write effectively and use language creatively.
  • Activity/Project: Art Integrated Learning activities and Project Work enhance creativity and imagination of children.
  • 360-degree Holistic Progress Cards: They encourage regular, formative and competency-based assessments.
  • Life Skills: They inculcate life-related skills in learners.
  • Comprehension Passages: They sharpen the reading and writing skills of learners.
  • Comprehensive Teacher's Manuals: They include lesson plans, worksheets and answers.